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Allied Beverage

Enabling Better Business Decisions Across the Enterprise

Dimensional Insight

What Best-in-Class Customer Service Looks Like

Biltmore Wines

Using Business Intelligence for Brand Building and Long-Range Planning

Boisset Collection

Optimizing Sales Strategies with Actionable Insights

Boisset Family Estates

Sales & Inventory Data Insights Gained

Friends toasting with cocktails in bar

Brescome Barton

Brescome Barton Finds Success With Program Advisor

Duckhorn Vineyards

Increasing Sales in the Wine Industry with Diver Platform

Empire Distributors, Inc.

Journey to the Cloud: Optimizing Data Integration and Ensuring Analytics Availability

Fedway Associates

Improving sales effectiveness in a constantly changing industry with Program Advisor

Georgia Crown Distributing

One Company, Many Uses: Diver Platform at Georgia Crown

Hope Family Wines

How Hope Family Wines Uses Diver Platform, DiveTab and Sales Advisor

Johnson Brothers – Mutual

Mutual needed a mobile solution for its on-the-go sales team

Lipman Brothers

Role-Based Dashboards And Self-Service Reporting Empower A Sales Organization

Martignetti Companies

To Drive Growth, Provide A Single Source of Truth with Diver

Vino Del Sol

Matching Supply and Demand: Avoiding Overstocks and Shortages in the Dynamic Wine Import Market