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Program Advisor®

Launch and manage your program goals and payouts with your entire team with ease.

Save Time Creating, Tracking & Managing Programs with Program Advisor

Distributors commit significant resources to tracking and managing programs across hundreds of suppliers, brands and SKUs. Too much time is spent entering data, compiling reports and making sure that the right information gets distributed to managers and sales reps on a timely basis. Program Advisor helps organizations create, manage and track programs, and determine payouts more profitably and efficiently. Managers, sales reps and sales support staff gain self-service access to the information required to manage case goals, promotions, incentives, placements and more.

Program Advisor provides users with dashboard-delivered metrics that helps them gauge progress and forecast ability to achieve goals for any and all programs within their sphere of responsibility. Support for organizational hierarchies lets managers and directors see these metrics for all direct reports.

Role-Based Information for Every Member of Your Sales & Support Teams

Sales Support Staff

  • Provide immediate feedback and/or support to underperforming management and sales reps
  • See program payouts throughout the life of the program
  • Quickly identify where to focus efforts daily
  • Decrease the need for IT report generation and support requests— especially at end of fiscal periods
  • Provide secure, safe, role-based reports and dashboards

Sales Managers

  • Create one or hundreds of programs in a centralized location with speed and easy entry
    in an automated interface
  • Automate most time-consuming and error-prone program management tasks
  • Automate the creation of program reports and supplier charge-backs
  • Coverage without purchasing additional hardware or adding headcount
  • Free-up time to do other tasks

Managers and Reps

  • Identify new accounts and existing account sales opportunities based on current and historic program data
  • Determine current accounts executing well / poorly across programs, brands, price-points and quotas
  • Identify marginal accounts based on poor performance against goals and quotas
  • Give access to all programs large and small so you don’t miss an easy win even for a little brand

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