Survey Advisor™

A Must-Have Mobile Application to Increase Productivity & Success

Mobile Survey App with Embedded Analytics & Reporting Capabilities

The Challenge

Gathering information from internal and external audiences is a great way to provide context to decision-making. But analyzing the results with tools that don’t include robust analytics is frustrating.

The Solution: Survey Advisor

Survey Advisor helps organizations create, manage, and track surveys — and, it has powerful analytics capabilities to help you understand where things are with your surveys.

Features & Benefits of Survey Advisor



  • Create a variation of survey types
  • Assign surveys to employees, reps, and customers
  • Automatically broadcast surveys out to your employees, reps and customers
  • Reps or field staff can use an iPad or iPhone
  • Centralized management of surveys
  • Pictures can be taken on location, geotagged, date and time-stamped
  • Pictures can be accessed and downloaded and reported to business partners.
  • Surveys can be standard or recurring


  • Multiple Choice
  • Date
  • True/False, Yes/No
  • Numeric (Decimal or Integer)
  • Free Format Text
  • Geocode
  • Multiple Responses
  • Picture
  • Questions can be populated based on respondents answers
  • Workflows can be created based on the response
  • Produce survey analytics and recap reports with actionable tasks


  • Easy to create, edit and deploy
  • Gain immediate responses
  • Perform detailed analysis and reporting from
  • Survey Advisor
  • Low learning curve for creators and users
  • Off-line and on-line access
  • On-the-fly updates with syncing
  • Mobile app to collect the data
  • Centralized management of surveys
  • Real-time results
  • Works with other Dimensional apps like Distributor
  • Advisor and Supplier Advisor

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