KPIs: Measure what matters most

Gain a framework to ensure your analytics users are looking at the right numbers in the right way

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Define. Collaborate. Measure.

What are the metrics that are most critical to your company’s success?

You buy an analytics platform because you want it to simplify your decision-making and provide a consistent view of the numbers that matter most.

Unfortunately, many solutions out there fail to provide the right governance, leading to disagreement on what the numbers mean and adding more complexity to the process.

We have data governance baked into our technology.

With Dimensional Insight, you receive a framework for key performance indicators (KPIs) and business rules management that you can use out-of-the-box or customize to your specific business needs.

We enable you to collaborate on the definitions of KPIs and metrics, and view the definitions and history of changes.

This way you can always be confident in the integrity of your data and you can ensure that you and your colleagues are looking at the same data in the same way.



Data governance

Ensure data trust and consistency across the organization.


Jump-start success

Our library of thousands of pre-defined measures and KPIs can be quickly deployed, providing a fast path to results.


Lower cost

Because we’ve already done the hard work, you don’t need to hire outside consultants to define KPIs and implement governance processes.


Improved decision-making

Because everyone in the organization is on the same page with definitions, you can ensure a data-based, trusted environment from which you make decisions.

Automate & Focus. Don’t worry.

Our solution: Measure Factory®

Measure Factory allows you to apply business rules to a collection of data sets. Because we automate the rule processing, you can focus on the correctness of each rule, without needing to worry about how the rules flow together. This makes it easy to create and manage a large number of rules.

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