General Ledger Advisor™

Investigate Financial Data Without Needing Detective Skills

Clear Visibility & Confidence in Data Shared Across the Organization

General Ledger Advisor combines an intuitive dashboard-based interface with powerful ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities enabling users to discover the answers to their own questions without involving IT.

Users investigate performance trends, analyze expense and revenue data, and gain easy access to detail data within a user-friendly application designed specifically for financial analysis, reporting, and independence from IT.

Detailed performance metrics and key comparisons, such as Actual vs. Budget and Current Period vs. Year Ago are readily available in customizable report and graphical formats designed to aid their interpretation.

General Ledger Advisor provides rapid, secure, role-based access to performance data and powerful drill down to the underlying detail. With General Ledger Advisor, managers and department heads throughout the organization gain timely insights into the details behind revenues and expenses, enabling them to increase their productivity and more effectively manage expenses to improve their bottom line.


Benefits of General Ledger Advisor

Governed Data Discovery

Give managers the ability to investigate financial data with integrity and confidence. Quickly access transactional data behind GL entries and analyze cost and revenue data to improve expense management and profitability.


Secure, role-based access

Role-based privileges ensure the right people have access to the right information. Access privileges to sensitive data are completely customize-able by department, reporting structure, user or role.


Answer your own questions

Dashboards and embedded analytics provide at-a-glance comparisons between budget and actual. Access any available detail, including accounts payable, materials management, and GL line items – even if data is sourced from different systems.

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