Boisset Collection:
Optimizing Sales Strategies with Actionable Insights

Dimensional Insight Impact

Optimized Sales Strategies

Dimensional Insight’s analytics solutions enabled Boisset Collection to optimize sales strategies by identifying key market trends and accessing real-time data on inventory, shipping, and costs.

Cost and Time Reduction

Advanced integration capabilities of Dimensional Insight’s analytics solutions significantly reduced the time and financial costs associated with relying on multiple third-party tools.

Comprehensive Information Governance

Integration of data from multiple channels into a single version of the truth ensured consistent and reliable access to real-time information across departments.

Actionable Insights and Metrics

The analytics platform supported tracking inventory and sales information for improved forecasting decisions related to buying trends.

Unmatched Customer Support

Reliable industry expertise and concierge service provided by Dimensional Insight’s support team contributed to the successful implementation and utilization of the analytics solution.

Key takeaways

Boisset Collection has been able to optimize its sales strategies by identifying key market trends and gaining access to real-time data related to inventory, shipping, and costs.

Advanced integration capabilities have drastically reduced the time and financial costs associated with relying on multiple third-party tools.

Diver Platform provides Boisset’s sales department with access to insights that enable better-informed decision making and the tracking of progress towards long-term goals.

Dimensional Insight’s unmatched customer support ensures that Boisset’s data analysts always have the answers they need, when they need them.


Finding its modest start in 1961 by selling wine to family friends, the Boisset Collection has since become the leading wine producer of the iconic Burgundy region of France. Now with more than 30 wineries spread across two continents, the Boisset Collection has made it its mission to unite the old and new worlds of wine with its distinguished Franco-American flair. In addition to its acclaimed selection, the Boisset Collection is also renowned for its commitment to sustainability and biodynamic farming.

The challenge

With so many production and sales channels, Boisset generates a lot of data. However, without the right tools, Boisset was unable to use this data in a meaningful way. In order to optimize its sales strategies and approach to market, Boisset needed a way to derive meaningful and actionable insights.

The scope of Boisset’s data intake required a powerful analytics solution capable of providing comprehensive information governance.

Furthermore, the company’s analysts needed a way to easily access critical information from their accounting and enterprise systems in order to enable the sales department in tracking and meeting long-term goals.

The goal

Boisset Collection needed a platform that would allow the company to consolidate, manage, and analyze its huge intake of raw data and enable the long-term success of its sales department. The solution would have to meet certain criteria that included:

Integrating data intake from multiple channels into one consistent and reliable single version of the truth.

Allowing analysts to dig deeper into the data to identify the underlying influences behind relevant market trends.

Providing the sales department with actionable insights and key metrics necessary for tracking progress towards long-term goals.

Tracking inventory and sales information that enabled the sales department to make better forecasting decisions related to upcoming buying trends.

The solution

By working with Dimensional Insight, Boisset Collection was able to implement Diver Platform to provide the company with the metrics necessary to employ fact-based decision-making in the sales and marketing departments. Built on several patents designed by a team of MIT-graduate developers, Diver Platform was able to address the various challenges impeding Boisset’s success with data analytics.

One of the primary advantages of Diver Platform is its integration capabilities, allowing Boisset to bring its data from multiple systems together into a single version of the truth. This ensures that staff across different departments have access to the same library of consistent and real-time information. This also has the added bonus of alleviating some of the obstacles associated with utilizing separate analytics tools.

With Diver, Boisset’s sales and marketing analysts can “dive” into the data to identify key consumer trends. This enables Boisset to make stronger decisions in developing effective sales strategies and ensuring its inventory reflects the state of the market. Additionally, sales staff are able to use these insights to evaluate their own performance and track their progress towards reaching benchmarks.

The results

The flexibility and analytic capabilities of Diver Platform have streamlined Boisset’s integration and application of key data insights, all while drastically reducing the financial and time costs of implementing multiple third-party tools.

“I had heard Dimensional Insight’s name many times in various distributor circles,” says Kristyn Park, lead sales analyst at Boisset Collection. “And now, here at Boisset, Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform has allowed us to meet our reporting needs and satisfy the demands of our salespeople out in the field.”

Using Diver Platform, Boisset’s analysts can explore data from multiple channels to better understand their target audience and develop strategies to reach them. With access to real-time data surrounding costs, inventory, and sales, Boisset is now able to employ fact-based decision-making in their approach to the market.

On top of allowing Boisset to better manage their own sales strategy and address the ever-shifting needs of the market, Diver Platform is also being used to monitor the sales prices and performance of their distributors. This provides Boisset with insight into an area traditionally lacking in transparency and enables the company to make necessary adjustments to the pricing structure moving forward.

According to Park, one of the highlights of using Diver Platform was the reliable industry expertise and concierge service provided by the team at Dimensional Insight. “Diver is a phenomenal platform in itself, but the reason why I’d always turn someone else on to Dimensional Insight is the support — and I think it’s huge,” said Park in a recent interview. “The Dimensional Insight support team always knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

What’s next

Boisset’s next plans for Diver Platform entail increasing training and garnering more support from other departments that have yet to make the most of their business intelligence tools. Park also intends to utilize Diver Platform more to gain a better understanding of the company’s margins and track the spending that occurs after products have left the warehouse.

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