What Best-in-Class Customer Service Looks Like

Dimensional Insight Impact

Exceptional Support Team

  • Fast Response Time: Responding to 85% of customer issues in less than 4 hours in 2022.
  • Personalization: Providing tailored solutions based on individual customer needs.
  • Human Touch: Allowing customers to communicate with a human promptly.

Strategic Planning and Decision Support:

  • Strategic Implementation: Implementing solutions such as Endocrinology Dashboards for strategic planning.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Versatility in Usage: Adapting solutions to address various business needs, including responding to COVID-19 impact assessments.
  • Industry-Specific Customization: Customizing solutions to meet the unique challenges of different industries.

Local Support and Collaboration

  • Immediate Responses: U.S.-based support teams contributing to faster response times.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Support teams collaborating with customers to address challenges directly.

Positive Impact on Various Industries

  • Sales Growth: Implementation of analytics solutions contributing to revenue growth.
  • Healthcare Outcomes: Efficient patient care and optimized management contributing to positive clinical outcomes.

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, a company’s experience with a vendor hinges on more than just the quality of the product itself. A critical factor that can make or break a business’s ability to deliver on its promises is how it supports its customers beyond the sale.

Customers have more choices than ever before, and their expectations have risen accordingly. They now seek not only top-notch products, but also demand a seamless and satisfying experience when interacting with a company.

Conversely, when a vendor falls short in delivering quality support, customers can grow frustrated, dissatisfied, and ultimately lose trust.

This can manifest in various forms, such as:

Not validating customer concerns

Priority based on customer spending

Transferring calls to other departments/lack of organization

Not utilizing the best channels for communication

Here at Dimensional Insight, we’ve built our success entirely on the success of our customers. Everyone at Dimensional Insight — from our developers, to our support staff, to our consultants, to our executive team— is solely focused on driving results for our customers. That’s why we have an average customer retention rate of 14 years.

“Our central philosophy is that by supporting our customers and employees, they, in turn, will support Dimensional Insight.”

Fred Powers

Co-Founder & CEO, Dimensional Insight

What We Do Differently

Fast response time

At Dimensional Insight, we know that time is a business’s most valuable resource. That’s why we make our customers’ time a priority by combining multiple communication channels with expert product knowledge to deliver fast and meaningful responses. In 2022, we responded to 85% of issues in less than 4 hours and resolved or escalated 80% of issues within just 2 days!

Customers were asked to rate vendors out of five possible points on each of the above categories. Each bar represents how many points that Dimensional Insight scored above the overall sample. Source: Vendor Insights/BI: Dimensional Insight 2022 Edition

Take, for example, Petalfast, the first-of-its-kind full-spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis sector.

“We’re a startup business operating at startup speed,” says Sam Carey, VP of Digital at Petalfast. “So we need solutions that can keep up. When we email Dimensional Insight, we get a fast response. They quickly diagnose whatever is wrong and implement a long-term fix so it doesn’t happen again.”

Likewise, in a healthcare setting, IT problems can be just as urgent.

“Nearly all of our tickets are handled by the same support rep,” says Colby Lutz, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at UPMC Western Maryland. “I normally get a phone call from him within 5 or 10 minutes of whenever a ticket goes in. He knows the right questions to ask to figure out exactly what we’re doing and what we’re trying to achieve, so that we can get the quickest turnaround possible.”

Julie Syracuse, Business Intelligence Systems Manager at Winebow, a beverage alcohol importer and distributor, also states that having local support plays a big role in her satisfaction. “I deal with a couple of other software vendors and there’s always a delay in getting a response. With Dimensional Insight, I hear back almost immediately that they either have a solution or are working on finding one. Support is local so responses are delivered within a much quicker time frame.”


One hallmark of Dimensional Insight’s customer support is our focus on personalized attention. We understand that every customer is unique, with specific requirements and challenges. Consequently, our support team takes the time to listen attentively, empathize with customer concerns, and tailor solutions that address their specific needs.

“The customer support folks understand who they’re talking to — they get to know you and understand your capabilities,” says Syracuse. “I’m a long-term user so when I come with a question, they just point me to where I can find the information because I prefer to learn it myself. But we’ve had other people contact them whose understanding isn’t quite as in-depth.”

“For example, my boss didn’t have the admin privileges he needed to get into the system,” continues Syracuse. “I was in the hospital at the time and unable to fix it myself. So customer support worked with him directly and provided him with step-by-step instructions to help get him in and avoid a crisis.”

At Dimensional Insight, we understand that different end users have different needs and expectations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and our customer success team takes pride in providing personalized support.

Grow with the customer

The impact of Dimensional Insight’s exceptional customer support extends far beyond issue resolution. By consistently going above and beyond to ensure customer success, we work to cultivate strong, long-term relationships with our clients. This commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in a high rate of customer retention and advocacy. Satisfied customers not only continue to benefit from Dimensional Insight’s solutions, but also have a voice in the development of future applications as well.

Carolyn Rogers, Systems Analyst at Watson Clinic, says that Dimensional Insight’s support team is one of the driving factors behind her team’s success. “We couldn’t do it without support. They are always there to help and guide us through any issues. They’ll provide an example of what we need, almost like they’re holding our hand,” says Rogers. “They’ve just been really, really good to me. Them being behind us is why we’re successful.”

Petalfast also meets with the Dimensional Insight customer support team once a week to ensure that everything is operating smoothly and as intended.

“Customer support is our primary driver for success with Diver,” says Carey. “A dashboard is a dashboard, I can build it on whatever. But having senior developers on standby to help and assist is invaluable.”

Source: Gartner Peer Insights™


Why it works

In an era where technology solutions are continuously evolving and data-driven decision-making is paramount, organizations rely heavily on reliable and efficient software platforms. However, even the most advanced and powerful solution is only as valuable as the support system behind it. Recognizing this fundamental truth, Dimensional Insight has invested substantial resources and expertise to craft a customer support experience that sets the gold standard in the industry.

Dimensional Insight’s support staff comprises knowledgeable industry experts who not only possess an in-depth understanding of the technology, but also a genuine desire to help customers succeed. These staff members are equipped with the expertise to address a broad range of challenges, from troubleshooting technical issues to providing guidance on best practices for leveraging our technology’s capabilities.

Dimensional Insight’s commitment to exceptional customer support is further reflected in our comprehensive support infrastructure. We employ a multi-channel approach, ensuring that customers have various avenues to seek assistance, including phone support, email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. This diverse range of communication options allows customers to choose the method that best suits their needs, empowering them to quickly access the support they require, whenever and wherever they need it.

And to top it all off, you’re always talking to another human on the other end. “The human touch is awesome,” says Amy Grollman, Sr. Director of Data Architecture and Software Engineering at NABCA. “The fact that I’m always able to get a human on the other end is huge. There’s no robo-call or generic automated email response. I know that there is actually a pair of human eyes looking at our ticket.”

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Featured Guests:

Sam Carey, VP of Digital

Petalfast, Cannabis Sales & Marketing

Amy Grollman, Sr. Director of Data Architecture and Software Engineering

National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), Wine & Spirits Distribution

Colby Lutz, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst/Systems Analyst

UPMC Western Maryland, Hospital

Carolyn Rogers, BSCS, Systems Analyst

Watson Clinic, Healthcare Services

Julie Syracuse, Business Intelligence Systems Manager

Winebow, Wine & Spirits Import and Distribution

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