Key Business Analytics Delivered Through Diver: How Hope Family Wines Uses Diver Platform, DiveTab and Sales Advisor

Dimensional Insight Impact

Sales Enablement with DiveTab and Sales Advisor

The integration of DiveTab and Sales Advisor into the sales process facilitated enhanced sales enablement. Sales representatives could access the latest metrics, performance data, and presentations while meeting with buyers and distributors, contributing to more informed and effective sales interactions.

Strategic Decision-Making

Dimensional Insight software solutions empowered the sales team at Hope Family Wines by providing detailed insights into shipments, orders, and depletions. This information played a crucial role in strategic decision-making, helping the company identify target markets and address challenges promptly.

Accessible Data Anytime, Anywhere

Leveraging Dimensional Insight’s InterReport SaaS application, Hope Family Wines ensured that its outsourced IT department could access Diver seamlessly. This accessibility extended to the sales team, who could use DiveTab and Sale

Daily Scorecard for Accountability

The use of Dimensional Insight’s information allowed for the creation of a daily scorecard for the sales staff. This feature provided a clear overview of individual accountabilities, enhancing accountability and performance tracking within the sales team.

Consolidation and Simplification

Dimensional Insight software solutions enabled Hope Family Wines to streamline its information management by reducing the number of databases from five to two. This consolidation contributed to a more efficient and organized data handling process.


Hope Family Wines is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1978 in the Central Coast of California. The company has long-standing relationships with more than 50 growers to ensure only those grapes with the truest varietal characteristics go into its wines.

Hope Family Wines began using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform during a rapid growth period. The company was using several databases and was looking for a way to get a handle on its information and how it was collected and analyzed. Diver took what the company was doing in five different databases and cut it down to two, which both feed through Diver.

Why Diver Platform?

Hope Family Wines uses Diver for the information that drives the company’s growth. Using Diver, the sales team can find information on shipments, orders, and depletions. Not only does the information help determine what markets to get into or where there are problems that need to be addressed — it also provides a daily scorecard for the sales staff, allowing them to see clearly what they are being held accountable for.

Hope Family Wines has an outsourced IT department, so it accesses Diver via Dimensional Insight’s InterReport software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. That was a big part of why Hope Family Wines chose Dimensional Insight. “Our goal was to have all of our data in one database, something that was easy to use, and we needed something that was also hosted – we did not want to operate the servers as well,” says Tina Bulot, the export sales operations director in business intelligence for Hope Family Wines. With InterReport, she says, “We know that it’s secure.” Bulot says when DiveTab and Sales Advisor came along, it was “a no-brainer” for the company to use those products.

“Our sales reps use it in the field when they meet with their buyers and their distributors. They can use it to show presentations, as well as gather information or research while they’re on the road.”

Tina Bulot

Export Sales Operations Director in Business Intelligence, Hope Family Wines

Information anytime, anywhere

Sales Advisor is a sales enablement application powered by Diver that gives sales reps access to their latest metrics and performance data. It also provides them with access to content and presentations while they are on the road. Sales Advisor is delivered to Hope Family Wines via the DiveTab platform, which the company accesses on Windows Surface tablets.

With DiveTab and Sales Advisor, the sales team has all its information accessible, whether in the office or on the road. “Our sales reps use it in the field when they meet with their buyers and their distributors,” Bulot says. “They can use it to show presentations, as well as gather information or research while they’re on the road.”

The challenge, she says, was getting initial buy-in from the sales team. “You have to help them understand they don’t need to learn something completely different,” says Bulot. “It just looks different, but it’s easier to take around with you, and it’s going to give you more tools to make your job easier.”

Her approach to training the staff is to start small before introducing the new technology to everyone. “Get the few that will use it in the field, the ones who are a little more tech-savvy who you know are going to use it,” Bulot says. “Then once they see the benefit of it, they can get the excitement out to the others, and they can be the ones who help you train.”

Bulot says there are a couple of processes that are ongoing. First, she is constantly getting feedback on the product from the users, and is continually training them. For example, she has set up tutorial videos for the most commonly asked questions. Second, Hope Family Wines is planning to upgrade to Spectre, the newest version of the Diver Platform, which promises faster speeds and ease of use. The company hopes to continue to see the results that Diver has already brought: new opportunities for people whose jobs were made easier by Diver’s efficiency, as well as new revenue for the company.

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Hope Family Wines

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Hope Family Wines is a privately owned winery with ve brands sold both nationally and internationally. In 2015 the company produced about 400,000 cases of wine.


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