Meeting Business Challenges Efficiently: Brescome Barton Finds Success With Program Advisor

Dimensional Insight Impact

Efficient Business Challenge Resolution

Brescome Barton successfully addressed its business challenges with Dimensional Insight software, particularly Program Advisor™, which provided comprehensive visibility into programs, facilitating better-informed decision-making.

Enhanced Program Tracking and Visibility

Program Advisor™ automated program updates, offering daily visibility into the progress of programs. This not only improved tracking capabilities but also freed up the business analyst team from manual data compilation, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating opportunities.

Transparency in Goal Setting and Standards

Program Advisor™ facilitated transparent goal setting for Brescome Barton’s sales team by establishing clear standards. The application allowed the company to set meaningful goals, priorities, and incentives, bringing transparency to the process.

Smooth Implementation and User Adoption

Dimensional Insight’s consultants seamlessly implemented Program Advisor at Brescome Barton. The business analyst team, after testing and validating the system for about two months, demonstrated its ease of use. Subsequently, the application was successfully rolled out to the sales team, ensuring a smooth transition.

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Transparency Benefits

Program Advisor™ contributed to a culture of data-driven decision-making at Brescome Barton. The application’s transparency allowed users to easily access and interpret data, enabling quick responses to inquiries and providing detailed insights into programs, goals, and performance.


Brescome Barton is the largest distributor of wine, spirits, and beer in the state of Connecticut. The company began using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform in 2011 when it was looking for a more user-driven product for its analytics.

How Program Advisor was Implemented

Program Advisor™ is a Diver-based application that helps beverage alcohol companies meet goals and quotas. It provides complete visibility into programs in one centralized location, and enables organizations to better understand where new revenue opportunities exist.

“Programs were one of the more difficult areas for the company to track,” says Kevin Kranzler, the Chief Operating Officer at Brescome Barton. “We were basically tracking programs in spreadsheet form and we didn’t have daily program updates — they were weekly and mostly monthly. We just didn’t have the day-to-day visibility.”

With Program Advisor, the company was able to meet its business challenges. Program Advisor helped Brescome Barton link goals and sales in the same system. In addition to receiving daily updates on the progress of programs, the fact that the updates were automated saved the business analyst team from putting the numbers together every day. This allowed them to focus their attention on other revenue-generating opportunities. Program Advisor also allows Brescome Barton to set goals in meaningful ways for its sales team. With Program Advisor the company is able to have a set rule of standards for setting goals for individual representatives. “There’s just a lot more transparency with Program Advisor,” says Naomi Malay, Brescome Barton’s business analyst manager. “As far as what should be made for the month versus a basic priority versus a payout program — the transparency has really helped us to outline our business.”

Consultants from Dimensional Insight carefully implemented Program Advisor at Brescome Barton. The business analyst team was the first group to have access to the application. They tested the system for about two months as they used it to track their goals, priorities, and incentives. When they were satisfied that everything looked the way it was supposed to, Program Advisor was rolled out to the sales team. “Everyone was happy at that point to jump in to a system that was much easier to use and they were seeing the numbers they wanted to see,” says Malay.

“There’s just a lot more transparency with Program Advisor.”

Naomi Malay

Business Analyst Manager, Brescome Barton

Tracking nearly 1,000 programs each month

Brescome Barton has about 175 people in the company using Program Advisor and the company can see up to 1,000 programs in a month. The business analysts are responsible for the accuracy of the programs that are entered into the application. They work with the trade development team to properly define exactly what the goals are for each program, what the period for setting goals should be, and what the requirements are to meet each of those goals.

On a typical day, the senior data solutions architect makes sure the daily updates are available first thing in the morning to users, and the business analysts work each morning to make sure the goals are accurate. Brescome Barton’s suppliers and sales force receive the automated reports each morning. This is again where the transparency of Program Advisor is so beneficial.

“You can really get any answer you want,” says Barry Severs, Brescome Barton’s Senior Data Solutions Architect. “I think that’s the nicest thing for all of our users, even me, where I concentrate on the back end, I can answer any question anybody asks me about Program Advisor because it’s all there. We can say, ‘What does this program entail?’ Or a sales rep can come to me and say, ‘Why did I not meet this goal?’ And I can show them in two clicks. All the details are right at their fingertips now.”

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