To Drive Growth, Provide a Single Source of Truth with Diver

Dimensional Insight Impact

Sales Growth and Effectiveness

By effectively utilizing Dimensional Insight’s reports and analytics throughout the organization, Martignetti Companies estimates a 2-5% contribution to their sales growth. Dimensional Insight analytics software provides a centralized view of sales data, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.

Elimination of Information Silos

Dimensional Insight analytics solution eliminated information silos and the disconnect across departments. The company-wide reports, designed by Dimensional Insight analytics solution’s administrators and end-users, provided role-based, consistent views of performance data. This led to improved communication and collaboration across various functional departments.

Cost Savings through Sales Territory Reorganization

Martignetti leveraged Dimensional Insight sowatware mapping function to analyze and reorganize sales territories, eliminating excess driving time and associated costs. The reorganization converted drive time to sales time, resulting in tangible sales gains and operational cost savings.

Enhanced Customer Relations

The ability to share sales and market data with retailers empowered the sales team to make informed decisions, positively impacting their businesses and increasing Martignetti’s revenues.

Improved New Product Launches

Dimensional Insight analytics solution provided Martignetti with easy and rapid access to brand performance history during new product planning and launch. This strategic advantage allowed the company to design launch plans based on accurate sales and operations data, contributing to numerous successful new product launches.


Established in 1908, Martignetti Companies has grown to become the leading distributor of wine and spirits in New England and the 7th largest in the country. The family-owned company currently maintains sales operations in MA, RI, NH, VT and ME.

As Martignetti Companies has grown to become the 7th largest distributor of wine and spirits in the United States, they have rolled out Dimensional Insight’s flagship product, the Diver Platform™ (Diver), to all of their divisions and regional distributing companies. What began as a sales analysis tool has become Martignetti’s enterprise-wide business intelligence solution. Diver provides a single source for all operations and sales information; an application deeply embedded in the culture of the company.

A 360-Degree View of the Business

As the single source of truth, Diver is deployed throughout the entire company. The General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory Management systems as well as Sales data and TDLinx® data (purchased from The Nielsen Company) are centralized in Diver. Every functional department of Martignetti utilizes Diver: Sales, Finance, Warehousing, Purchasing, Credit, and Customer Service. They effectively manage sales, operations, profits, inventory, and receivables down to the lowest level of detail. Also, Martignetti’s suppliers are provided with secure access to relevant data in Diver, providing downstream visibility.

Although it is difficult to attribute specific sales growth to Diver, Peter Colettis, EVP of Sales Operations and Marketing, estimates 2-5% of Martignetti’s growth has been due to effectively utilizing Diver’s reports and analytics throughout the organization.

Company-wide reports are designed by Diver administrators providing role-based, consistent views of performance data used as a basis for decisions throughout Martignetti. Reports are also created by end users enabling vice presidents, managers, sales reps, and associates to design reports to meet their individual or departmental needs. Diver eliminated all information silos and the prior disconnect across departments. Managers throughout the organization maintain a 360-degree view of the business and base their analyses and decisions on up-to-date, accurate data found in a single application. Diver provides a centralized view of the data upon which the business is run and creates valuable time and cost savings for Martignetti.

“The number one benefit to utilizing Diver is that it helps us increase our sales. It’s as simple as that.”

Peter Colettis

EVP, Sales Operations & Marketing, Martignetti Companies


Build connections between Sales, Operations, and Finance by breaking down the silos of information across the company

Create a single source of truth from multiple data systems


Provide a 360-degree view of the business

Enable self-service reporting and analysis by all departments


Discover opportunities through insight into the sales process and customer behavior

Increase sales by developing better ways to sell

Save costs by reorganizing sales territories

Improve customer relations

Enhance communication throughout the company with a single source of the truth

Launch products more effectively

Capitalize on Opportunities

Martignetti tracks the sales and inventory movement of over 15,000 SKUs. With up-to-date information in the hands of the sales reps, the sales team maintains a better understanding of how and where each product is selling. By analyzing performance metrics in Diver, they monitor product and geographic trends, compare actual performance to goals, and identify retailers with low re-order or high refusal rates to uncover opportunities to increase sales and improve service levels at the point of sale.

With rapid insight into the purchasing behavior of their customers, Martignetti’s knowledgeable sales team helps retailers understand their own businesses and builds strong customer relationships. A sales rep compares Martignetti product sales in a certain account to sales in the surrounding area to assist retailers with their ordering decisions. TDLinx data is integrated in Diver, providing a market view of category sales. By sharing this sales and market data with the retailer, Martignetti gives the retailer a powerful view of its share of the market. If the retailer sees certain brands performing better in a neighboring town, he may recognize a missed opportunity and increase his order. These insights, when acted upon, have a very positive effect on the retailer’s business, their relationship with Martignetti, and Martignetti’s revenues.

Increase Sales with Better Territory & Brand Management

As markets continue to grow and change, Martignetti enlists Diver’s mapping function to analyze and re-organize sales territories. By designing new boundaries when necessary, Martignetti eliminates excess driving time and its associated costs. This re-organization converts drive time to sales time, resulting in sales gains. Also using the mapping function, single malt scotch sales, for example, can be evaluated by state. This category view is quickly adjusted in Diver to isolate a certain brand of single malt scotch and to view its state-wide sales. If there are specific geographic areas where the brand is not performing in line with total single malt scotch sales, a Diver user drills down further to see where changes can be made to increase sales. This approach enables Martignetti to discover opportunities to increase sales at the brand and SKU level. In a business with 15,000 SKUs, Diver empowers Martignetti to quickly and easily analyze the business from a variety of perspectives, including down to the most granular level of detail.

Diver also gives Martignetti the strategic advantage of easy, rapid access to brand performance history during new product planning and launch. The ability to design launch plans based upon accurate sales and operations data that reflect historical brand sales, performance of similar products, and a relevant baseline has translated into numerous successful new product launches for Martignetti.

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Quick facts

Organization: Martignetti Companies
Industry: Wine and Spirits Distribution
Revenue: $1.2 billion
Employees: 1,040
Headquarters: Norwood, MA
Solution: Diver Platform


Martignetti Companies


Wine and Spirits Distribution


Norwood, MA


$1.2 billion





Diver Platform

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