5 Ways Analytics Supports the Modern Beverage Alcohol Distributor

5 Ways Analytics Supports the Modern Beverage Alcohol Distributor

The past few years have been particularly volatile for the alcohol industry, with many companies forced to abruptly change their business strategies to reflect the new status quo. Increased pressure from shifts in consumer behavior, along with the expansion of e-commerce and the emergence of major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have all put serious strain on the traditional three-tier system.

In an effort to shift their strategies from reactive to proactive and meet the demands of the modern age, beverage alcohol distributors are seeking tools that allow for more-informed decision-making and in a timelier fashion. Subsequently, more than ever before, they are investing in the power of their data and are using analytics platforms to help bring together their fractured company architecture and drive results that align with their marketing, sales, and financial initiatives.

In this white paper, we will examine the most impactful ways that modern distributors are using data analytics to optimize and support their operations.

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