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Pricing Advisor™

Discover Opportunities for Margin & Profitability Improvements

Take Action to Grow Revenues Through Effective Price Management

Pricing Advisor helps to ensure everyone knows what suggested price points are, that no money is left on the table, and margins
are kept within target ranges. Users can see all deal levels across all tiers and channels. The ability to see all of this in a centralized
location allows users to better manage their data. This powerful analysis capability enables companies to discover opportunities for
improvements and take action to grow revenues through effective price management.

Pricing Advisor integrates and leverages existing cost data and pricing elements to deliver a pricing solution. Case sales, state and federal tax data, product names, product details, and product costs are seamlessly integrated from source systems and master lists or input directly.

Benefits of Pricing Advisor

Boost Margins

Keep margins within target ranges and manage profitability better throughout the distribution channel including visibility into blended margins by market, brand, and SKU.

Analyze Price Change Impact

Powerful ad hoc capabilities, including what-if analysis, delivers a 360-degree perspective on the impact of price changes or changes to the costs of goods.

Create Pricing Strategies

Create market-ready pricing for all unique state pricing requirements and deal discount levels by channel and account type. Manage price structures by working bottom up or top down.

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